Subud is an international spiritual movement that welcomes and includes all peoples, free-thinkers and religions.

Subud involves no creed; Anyone can join, without abandoning their own religion or assuming a new one.

Subud is an acronym of the Sanscrit words: Susila, Budhi and Dharma

Susila – is derived from Hindi and translates roughly to mean ‘ethical’ or ‘decent’

Budhi – is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit and means “to wake, awaken, observe, heed, attend, learn, become aware of or to know”

Dharma – is also derived from Sanskrit and translated to mean ‘order, from chaos’

Together these words are translated as ‘Guided from within to take action in the world.’

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    Sunday – 10AM Quiet
    Monday – 8PM Quiet
    Tuesday – 12PM Quiet
    Thursday – 8PM Quiet