Subud is an association of people who follow a spiritual practice consisting of an exercise of surrender to the divine force within each of us.

Subud is open to people of all religious affiliation, as well as to those with none. Members come from different cultures, nationalities and walks of life; there is no particular Subud dogma that members are required to accept. The essence of Subud is the personal experience of the latihan, meaning exercise.

Subud is an acronym of the Sanscrit words: Susila, Budhi, Dharma

Susila denotes those qualities which give rise to a character, conduct and actions which are truly human, and in accordance with the will of God.

Budhi means that in all creatures there dwells an inner force to draw us toward our proper path, the path that leads to God.

Dharma signifies sincerity, surrender and submission to God, which are awakened in humans by the will of God.


The Subud House is located at:

3185 NE Regents Drive

Portland, Oregon 97212

To learn more about Subud, call:
Camille @ 503-285-9075 or
Samuel @ 503-653-7229


For rental inquiries,
please visit Regents PDX
or call Nirel at 503.770.0519